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Page Still Under Construction, Come back later, its always hard talking about yourself


Thanks for visiting my about me page.  This is my story of going from an online wizkid turned sales guy who has gone back to his roots.

Its a long story so prepare yourself

I really appreciate you taking the time to come take a look at what I have to offer. So a little background on the man behind the site.  At a young age I showed an interest in computers. Having been really the first generation to grow up with computers from birth I fully embraced the new technology tools my school was implementing. I always seemed to gravitate towards the computer and often spent many after school programs on the computer while my busy parents worked.


Finally at 10 yrs old after much begging and prodding I got my first computer.  A Macintosh LC III first introduced in 1990. Quickly, I dove into this computer. Soon upgrading the ram, getting a bigger hard drive and soon, with the advent of AOL a 2400 baud MODEM! From that day the familiar fax machine like noise rang out daily and wierdly enough we stopped getting a lot of calls to the house.

Fast forward another few years and we’re in the height of the IT boom in the late 90s. Even at a young age I realize the possibilities made available by the internet and I want to dive in head first. I actually find a computer camp held at MIT for tech savvy kids the summer between my 6th an 7th grade years in school. This camp is basically a condensed college semester made available for kids who had a strong interest in computers. I immediately applied to this school and was accepted based on an essay I wrote about why I wanted to be there and what I was doing with computers at the time.

(unfortunately for you my writing hasn’t improved much since that point but I’ve had the opportunity to experience a lot)

I slept in the MIT dorms and attended classes for 8 hours a day like a college student. We learned Basic and C++ programming as well as website design.  I ended up eating sleeping and breathing computers for a month and completed the equivelent of an undergrad semester of programming (More on that later).

I ended up participating in this camp at various new england universities for the next couple summers building simple websites and working on eBay on the side.

Some time went by, I went to highschool, I actually chose a school known at the time for being innovative due to the fact that they were the first school anywhere to give each of its students laptops and incorporate them heavily into the curriculum. I was promptly diciplined for exploring the security of the school network and circumventing the school’s firewall. While my games were harmless it quickly got me in hot water. I think this is about the same point that girls and cars become more of a focus for my teenage mind than computers and the computers fell by the way side for quite some time.


Fast forward to college. I had just graduated from University of Miami with a Major in Business Administration and Minor in Computer Information Systems. My father was retiring and liquidated his company and all of the office equipment. I dusted off the old ebay account and we got started selling some equipment. We ended up moving making about $20,000 off of this office equipment in a couple weeks. It worked so well that wen I told the story to a family friend he asked if I could do the same for him. I had similar success and that gentlmen introduced me to a local electronics reseller who had LOTS of inventory he couldn’t move locally and needed some way to get it online and finally make some money off of it. So I was hired and within 2 months we brought his account from Zero to approximately $20k in revenue/month within the first 3 months and ended up becoming a platinum level powerseller shortly after with %99.8 positive feedback.

While this was great experience I felt eBay was too small and, at the time, people were making huge money in high tech sales. My father was in sales his entire life and I’m sure was a large influence. I had some different jobs in sales selling everything from kitchen knives to cars so I applied to and got a position with a large tech storage company selling six figure data storage solutions to companies with massive data needs.


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